Tuesday 27 February 2018 @ Engadine Leisure Centre, Engadine


1 NSW PSSA rules shall apply. The 2 start rule shall be used
2 Age is determined by the year of birth
3 Junior – 8, 9 & 10 yrs old. Senior – 11,12 & 13 years old
4 Timed finals – the results are decided by the best times swum.
5 Only teachers or a nominated team manager may approach the Meet Director to lodge a protest or query a result.
6 Judges decision is final.
7 Schools are permitted to enter 3 swimmers in 50m F/s events.
8 Schools may only enter a 3rd swimmer in stroke events where that swimmer has meet the Zone qualifying time.
9 All swimmers competing in stroke events must be able to swim the stroke correctly as defined by Australian Swimming.
10 To compete in an event swimmers must be entered on an entry card lodged by their school.

Sydney East Boys Girls
 Qualifying Times
** JUNIOR 200m IM 3.35.00 ** 3.40.00 **
** SENIOR 200m IM 3.10.00 ** 3.15.00 **
** All Zone entries in MEDLEY events must meet the Sydney East qualifying times.


Zone swimming records